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Why you should get a Custom LMS?

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Because your quest to find the “right” LMS never ends

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Because previous choices have left you stranded
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Because off-the-shelf options are many but never enough

Do you have something I can use right away?

Yes, Examination Online owns two hand-me-down products that offer you multiple features.

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Online Training

The “Online Training” is your off-the-shelf LMS that offers you a complete solution for your basic training needs.

  • Custom courses
  • Certifications
  • Video lectures
  • Discussion forums
  • Assignments & reports

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Online Testing

‘Just The Quiz’ lets you create and manage highly functional tests and quizzes online. It is convenient to run & pretty user-friendly.

  • Self-registration for students
  • Instant verdict
  • Track quiz taker’s performance
  • Downloadable results
  • Certificates

How about getting one that is meant for your business?

With Examination Online, we can help you build one. It will be a fun ride!

Design the way you want
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Examination Online has a professional team and they understood my requirements. Their team has up-to-date knowledge of the latest technology. They were patient while I decided what I want to customize.

- Aruna Kaila

Designed the way you want it to be

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Customize for features, images, content, and choose the look & feel.
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We build your LMS on an already existing codebase to save you time & cost.
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Access your LMS from any device of any size and anywhere.
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Flexibility with unlimited integration options

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Seamlessly integrate with CMS, payment gateways, streaming & conferencing tools of your choice.
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Bring everything to your LMS, whether it is from Salesforce, SharePoint, ExpertZone, even from your legacy software.
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Manage and automate as per your workflow and in-house tools.
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Flexibility with unlimited integration options
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Examination Online was referred to me by a trusted friend. He used Examination Online for developing customized LMS that integrates different softwares on a single platform. They delivered an excellent LMS for us. I was impressed by their timely feedback.

- Robert Deangelis

Scale your LMS as you grow
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I had an idea about a scalable and secure LMS. Examination Online did it brilliantly by building a custom online learning solution & delivered as promised. I must say, their team delivered the final solution with the expected outcome & on time.

- Wendy Vandling

Scale your LMS as you grow

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You have an option to add, alter, remove functionalities & modules as your user base expands.
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Cloud or on-site, we have top notch data storage & communication infrastructure in place.
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Keep it running! 24*7*365 online & offline support & maintenance facility available.
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