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Health & Science Publishers is a New York based venture kick-started by Robert DeAngelis. For over 25 years, it has been helping students prepare for American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification exam with practice exams and workbooks.

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The Challenge

Robert DeAngelis wanted to expand the reach of Radiography Registry Review and provide low-cost continuing education credits to a wider audience. He had no experience on technology front and sought an affordable, intuitive web-based testing platform that could be easily used by administrators, instructors and learners.

He was keen for a solution that would offer licences to instructors, exams to students and generate insightful reports.

Robert DeAngelis didn't know how fast the online assessment solution would grow. So, he wanted a scalable system that could be managed easily and expand with customer's needs.


  • Online Assessment Solution
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Insightful Reports
  • Scalable & Responsible Tool
  • Integration
Health & Allied - Industry Leader in Radiographic Registry Review

The Solution

Examination Online identified the specific end-user requirements and created a platform that meets all requirements. It created a distinct testing platform - healsreview.com with 22 online exams in 12 allied health fields. The user-friendly, scalable and responsive tool enabled:

  • Learners to take online exams in allied health fields
  • Instant assessment with reports on performance
  • Management of license, students and exams
  • Ease of exam creation by direct import on platform

The platform offered right access to right people with exams related data to its users. Additionally, Examination Online ensured easy incorporation of changes by ARRT in Simulated Registry Exams.

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The Result

Since the launch of healsreview.com, the client noted that the system has integrated perfectly and has efficiently been offering practice tests. The platform received an overwhelming response with more than 1300 multiple users registrations and 1600+ tests have be taken by students within a month.

The responsive and compatible platform offers an ease-of-use and has successfully been able to reach the target audience across devices and browsers. The UI support multiple users and learners remark it as intuitive.

Ever since the launch of platform by Examination Online, Robert DeAngelis observed that team has eliminated the time spent in managing the licences, exams and assessment. Further, the platform generates 100% accurate exam reports.

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