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Classroom Testing

Everywhere you look, education is changing in some way. New ideas, strategies, and methodologies are replacing old ones, and testing is no exception. Traditional testing will tell you a student’s grade, but it doesn’t give you the real information you need to improve your lessons, tests, and the quality of education they’re receiving.

Classroom Testing solutions ideal for:
  • Private schools/courses who need an efficient and reliable testing solution
  • Tracking student progress throughout their time at your institution
  • Adding to your pay-to-learn member site for added value
  • Any educational institution where test marking and report generating is time-consuming
  • Any education institution where more detailed reports would improve course quality

Online or on paper

Just because we’re using a new methodology doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on tradition. Our system is perfectly capable of creating on-paper exams, while still maintaining our powerful backend system of monitoring, gathering statistics, and generating reports.

Progress tracking of students and classes

Being able to quickly see if certain classes, grades, or students are falling outside of the curve is a powerful tool to identify and resolve issues you may be having in your school.

Use these results to improve your curriculum and get the most out of your students.

Easily create new questions

Our online interface makes it simple to create your own questions. Teachers can add individual questions or upload in bulk, and assign them to classes, grades, other teachers, and more – all for easy retrieval later.

Add dynamic multimedia for a more engaging experience

If you choose the online route for your exams, get excited about being able to add images, audio recordings, video, PowerPoint presentations, and more to your questions. Ever wanted students to watch a video news clip and answer some questions? Now they can.

Branded the way you want

Some institutions want their system to show the school logo and colors, while others prefer to use a department logo or other distinguishing features. We make it quick and painless to customize the look of your system the way you want.

Detailed reporting for an improved curriculum

Imagine learning that a specific unit was causing issues for your students across the board. Imagine being able to see exactly which questions tended to trip people up, even over multiple years. You’d see exactly where more time needed to be spent or where additional learning resources could be used. That’s the power of our reporting module.

Manage multiple schools under a single board

If you’re a school board leader, our system easily integrates multiple schools under a single board account. Use the previously mentioned reports to get an overview of the board as a whole, or use it to compare schools on performance.


The Examination Online system was designed with multiple languages in mind. We can add as many languages as you require and it’s easy to switch between them for a seamless user experience.

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