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A custom survey app for tablets – data collection has never been easier.

Users will love filling out your survey on a tablet. Instantly upload their results to your database, or store them offline and upload in a batch at the end of the day.

Ideal for the following:
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Patient details collection
  • Lead capture (trade shows, etc.)
  • Product survey
  • Exam/quiz for students

Collect userdata any time

Because our app doesn’t require an always-on internet connection, you can collect and store data locally until you’re ready to upload all the results. Everything users enter is automatically saved, so you never have to worry about losing data or wasting time re-entering anything.

Customize your data the way you want

We know your organization has its own way of doing things. We also know you’ll be more excited about using an app like this if it works seamlessly with your existing standards. That’s why we can customize the information forms to match what you’re currently using.

Your survey will match your branding with embedded logos, company colors, and more.

Use a stylus for handwritten notes

Sometimes you just want to write things down. Using a device-compatible stylus, you can let users easily add notes to any page. These will be included in the final PDF as-is.

Wide variety of question-types

Using multiple-choice questions, single-type questions (radio buttons), sliders, open-answer boxes, and more, you can quickly and efficiently collect all the data you need.

Embedded multimedia for a clearer picture

By adding images, audio files, and even videos, you can add clarifying details to any section. This ensures a more engaging experience and a more complete understanding of your users.

Collect data from multiple users at the same time

Since data is automatically saved you can quickly switch back and forth between users without ever losing information.

Generate comprehensive reports

Our system makes it easy to upload data into your existing database or CRM system. Use your own reporting module or let us customize one for you. You already have the survey data – now make the most out of it.

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