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Custom assessment solution for employee training

Whether it’s your industry, products, or technologies that are changing quickly, your employees have to keep up. It’s a challenge to know that workers are staying up-to-date in their roles and that you’re getting the most value from them.

A customized employee assessment system will instantly identify problem areas where more training is needed and which employees are falling behind.

Use Employee Assessments to test an understanding of:
  • Product or service comprehension
  • Regulatory and compliance policies
  • Industry knowledge
  • Ideal client profiles
  • Latest technology
  • And more

Fully customizable tests

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we can customize your test in any way you want. A wide range of question-types are available by default, and you can also embed any type of media such as images, audio, and video to ask your questions the way you want.

For example, you can add a recorded customer service call to ask about improved ways to handle the situation, or a diagram of a new product to use for other questions.

Rank employees by comprehension on various topics

You’re not assessing your employees so you can discipline those who are falling behind, but rather to do what’s needed to help them be more productive. By understanding which employees are behind in which areas, you’ll be able to offer targeted training to them.

Measure the effectiveness of ongoing training

Training is only effective if the information is applied and remembered. Follow-up assessments are perfect for guaranteeing that your current training methods are working.

Identify topics or departments where further training is needed

A constantly lagging department or team is damaging for your business. With our assessments you’ll quickly identify these areas and understand what type of training is needed.

Mobile access for employees who aren’t in the office

All of our testing solutions are accessible across mobile devices, so even employees on the road or in other offices will be able to participate.

Customized reports so you get the data you need (Gap Analysis)

Understanding assessment results is crucial for improving your employee’s productivity. Our system is customizable in any way you want so reports will tell you exactly what you need.

Get results by department, office, date, etc. Generate a Gap Analysis between employees, and much more.

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