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Corporate Training

Your organization is complex, and your training requirements are equally complex. At the same time they have to be easy to understand, with a logical flow that every employee will benefit from. We’ve worked with dozens of clients and understand exactly how to structure your training modules to achieve your goals.

Corporate training solutions for every part of your operation:
  • New-hire training to quickly get employees up to speed
  • Complex training modules to aid employee advancement and improve job performance
  • Skills training for your Sales and Customer Service departments
  • Technology training to ensure everyone knows their way around your systems
  • Product training
  • Compliance training with detailed reports so you'll KNOW your employees are ready
  • Use our testing solutions to ensure lessons have been learned and your people are competent and prepared for everything

Security from anywhere

There’s a good chance your employees aren’t always physically in your offices, and your training modules should be just as flexible. Using advanced security mechanism in the backend, you can rest assured that your data is secure while allowing employees to access their tests from wherever they are.

Support employee growth

Online training is a great way to support your employees as they work on pre-licensing training in your industry. Monitor which employees are working on which licenses to learn more about their motivation and ambitions.

Verified certification

Both you and your employees want some kind of proof that lessons and tests are being completed, and we make it easy to define success based on modules, exams, and more. Automatically unlock further training modules or custom-define other responses.

Fast setup

A fully customized solution doesn’t have to take months to deploy. Our backend system makes it easy for us to get your custom solution up and running quickly. If you have your own LMS (Learning Management System) in your organization, we can integrate your testing system for the most comprehensive data and reporting possibilities – ask us how!

Fully customizable branding

Everything else in your organization looks a certain way, and your testing system should fit right in. Examination Online makes it easy to add your logo, brand colors, and other visual details to create a seamless experience for your users.

More than just written questions

Make your tests more engaging by easily including a full range of media. Include images, videos, audio, PowerPoint presentations and more to aid in comprehension and provide additional information.

Comprehensive reporting

The larger your organization, the harder it is to keep track of who’s doing what. Our reporting tool is fully customizable, making it easy to see an employee’s training progress, compliance status, test results, and much more.

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