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Mobile app for e-assessment

Make your assessments and tests available on mobile devices and tablets

Why limit yourself to having students or users sit at a desk with a computer when you can offer all of your assessments on a mobile device (phone or tablet)? The truth is you don’t know how each of your users will want to use your software or take your tests. Our mobile development team specializes in delivering the same high-quality user experience to users across all devices.

Users take the tests the way they want, and you have happier students.

Mobile app solutions work well for:
  • Practice Exams
  • Employee Skill Evaluations
  • Interactive In-class Lecture Aids
  • Contests and Promotions

Help students grasp your material and prepare for their exams

Not everyone studies with a laptop in front of them, and with our mobile app tools students will be able to access your tests from their phones or tablets so they can immediately test the material they’ve read. The key is having access from anywhere, and our mobile solutions make that a reality.

Think differently about mobile assessments – how about lesson aids?

Imagine giving an in-class lesson and having students answer some questions or take a quiz while you wait? Get instant results and use class trends to finish the lesson. Lots of students miss that question about that economic theory you mentioned? Spend an extra few minutes going over the material again to make sure they get it.

Think differently about contests and promotions

Imagine offering a discounted rate for your product or service ONLY IF a customer takes a quiz about your company? Track engagement, measure retention, and reward your best customers.

Mobile quizzes also work great for contests. Send a message on Facebook or through your newsletter about a quiz contest happening and deliver prizes or promotional material to those who respond the fastest or with the highest score.

The opportunities are endless.

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