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Skill Evaluations

Guessing someone’s level of job-readiness is always risky, and simply asking questions isn’t enough. Using a proven skill evaluation testing system to measure product knowledge, market knowledge, and other strengths and weaknesses will give you the information you need to fully understand either a possible recruit, a new employee, or an existing team. Or you may want to use the results to develop a benchmark you’ll use for future assessments.

Skill Evaluations for your every need:
  • Admission Selection
  • Online Assessment
  • Practice Exam
  • Recruitment Tool
  • Employee Skill Evaluation

Get employees up to speed faster with customized training plans

Employee training is always challenging because there’s never been a way to tailor your training to each employee. With the results from your skill evaluations you’ll easily be able to identify where each person needs help and address those issues more effectively.

Faster department-level advancement

Notice a department-wide weakness after an assessment is given? Our reports will immediately tell you what’s not working, whether it’s at a policy level, management level, technology or training level, or anything else.

Once you know where the problem is, improving it is much easier.

Stop annoying everyone

Let’s face it, we’ve all taken tests that were in some way too easy. It’s annoying and we resent it. That’s why our system makes it possible to test each individual user using only those tests and questions that match their job/role/skill level.

Save time and get rid of the hassle

Evaluations require a lot of resources and administrative work. Our easy self-registration system means users can register on their own, take their test, and see their results – all without your direct involvement.

Reports customized the way you want them

Examination Online makes it simple to customize the reports you receive. Tell us exactly what data you need in order to make the best decisions and our system will deliver it – instantly and automatically.

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