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Practice Exams

Every test-taker knows there is a disconnect between studying the material and taking the test. Every test is constructed differently, and to be fully prepared for an exam taking practice exams is the best answer.

Whether you're looking for an effective teaching tool or building an entire business around selling training and pre-exam packages to clients, our custom-built, web-based testing modules will get the job done.

Nothing beats Practice Exams for testing readiness:
  • Help students understand if they're ready (from elementary to post-graduate)
  • Private schools where test material may not be standard
  • Online courses who want to provide greater value to clients
  • Companies who issue official testing – help your employees be prepared

Selecting the questions

The most effective practice exams aim to teach as well as test. We'll help you create a database of questions, organized however you want – by class, grade, subject matter, and more.

Students can load a series of questions the same way – by exam, topic, grade, topic, and more.

Adding additional material

Additional material such as photos, audio recordings, and even videos or animations serve as supplementary material after a student has answered a question or as more details in framing the question.

The combination of text and visual/audio materials leads to a better understanding of the issues being discussed.

Immediate Feedback

Once a question has been answered you can choose to provide a more detailed answer, either helping the student understand their mistake, or to give them an even deeper understanding of the correct answer. This actively reinforces the subject matter and leads to much greater comprehension and longer retention.

Measuring Success

After taking the quiz, students can track their progress and compare their results to other test-takers. This can be very helpful to encourage students to either study harder or be confident that they're progressing well.

Effective Preparation

In the end, students will have gone through dozens or even hundreds of practice questions. They'll be familiar with the question structure, level of detail, and types of answers that will be expected of them. We work with you to customize the system in any way you need to ensure the practice exams are as effective as possible in preparing students for the real thing.

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